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A true fan of trail and long-distance races, Christophe Libin had the original idea of ​​organizing the Grand Trail des Lacs et Châteaux back in 2009 after traveling through our beautiful region.

For him, this sporting and human adventure is above all the fulfillment of an old dream that he had for a long time, and the outcome of several years of work of organizing and spotting the course paths. But without the support of a great and strong team and volunteers around him, nothing would have been possible.

A bit of history

After ten years of exciting and passionate organization of the Grand Trail des Lacs et Châteaux, Christophe Libin decides to take a step aside at the end of 2019. He thanks his runner friends and volunteers who were faithful, passionate and devoted year after year, and who all contributed to making those ten years a dream come true, even more beautiful he had dared to imagine. This race allowed him to discover beautiful people and has left him with imperishable memories rich in emotions. The GTLC made him grow.

This lovely story, he wrote it with you, and we will continue to do so. The adventure continues, and it shall be infinitely beautiful. The upcoming chapters are already shining brightly in colors never seen before.

Christophe does not leave the ship definitively, and continues to support them in their task, in order to build together the future of the GTLC, while respecting the spirit of this event and the values ​​of Enjoy Sport that are respect, honesty, and fun.


They are keen to breathe new life into the race, with all their motivation, their enthusiasm, but also greater means than those of Christophe, and to erase the few imperfections that have emerged last year, during the 10th edition, which some may have found somewhat disappointing due to the nature of the course or even the unfortunate cancellation of the 100 km race.

If Christophe had to keep in mind one story, it would be this one. More than ten years ago, there were only a few of them, friends and supporters of the GTLC, to test the formula and the courses during an unofficial edition, on a rainy day in September. While crossing the small village of Polleur, an old lady bent over by the weight of years, suddenly smiled and spoke to them: “You are running after the Sun!” Indeed, they saw a gleam of light revealed to them in the distance embracing delicately their faces in this gray day… Keep chasing your sun. Tirelessly.

We look forward to seeing you again, at GTLC of course, and on the little trails that are enough to feel us with happiness.

Christophe Libin, Founder and Mastermind of GTLC (2009-2019)
Enjoy Sport Infinity, Organizor (2020-Infinity)