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Winter Edition - The reference for trails in Belgium Le 09 Novembre 2024
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A magical place

An exceptional region

Breathtaking landscapes

I was born out of the imagination and passion of an enthusiast. I was brought up on oak, the oak from our beautiful forests that I love so much, the oak that serves to produce the best tasty wines that would age without compromise.

I wrote a few pages of the Trail in Belgium. I witnessed the most beautiful curse words of suffering. I split my beer with everyone sharing our memories, our experiences, our tears but above all our happiness. Today I am led by a bunch of freaks whose reason has no boundaries, and whose passion has no impassable mountains.

I have grown up, I am breaking through, I can’t wait to see you again because life is worth living. Living together.


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Stella Petric

Hello everybody, when I think about it, I’m thinking of long, beer, being together, socially concerned, caricature, winning, challenging, beautiful. What am I thinking about? GTLC 2021! New parcours! New organization! New challenge! Be there!
Victorieuse à plusieurs reprises du 105 km - le plus beau palmarès du GTLC

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Officiel : le Grand Trail des Lacs et Châteaux (GTLC) accueillera les deux championnats de Belgique de trail en 2023

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