Summer Edition

Organizing team

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We are the powerful alliance of 3 complementary differences.

We are born from an unlikely encounter in 2018. Ever since, we moved forward calmly and confidently, focusing on our passion and our determination to push our comfort zones in order to achieve excellence and give priority to participant satisfaction.

We strive to uphold our values. We are proud of our achievements. We are faithful to our convictions, our commitments and our partnership.
We cherish our differences and our joy of organizing events.
We give priority to the original and qualitative events that take place in magical places.
Trust is our shared work basis. Our decisions are collegial. We establish transparency with all the participants and aspire to a permanent dialogue.
We focus our events on sport, health, human relations and environment by favoring local trade.
We consider that listening to each other is essential, we privilege fun times together because it generates energy, improvement and balance.

The group is more important than the individual.

We strive for the best possible quality and attention to details.


Enjoy Sport organizes and hosts:


The GTLC Summer, your servant of happiness and burning thighs.

The GTLC Winter, to maintain a form on these trails in all weather conditions.

BueRun, the crazy thing on the craziest stairs in Belgium. 

Le GTLC, votre serviteur bonheur et cuisses brûlantes.


Make this trail a success

We are proud to be able to accomplish such things with such beautiful people!
A lot of stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, BUT also so many other things that are strong and buoyant… Twists and turns, nonsense, joy, friendship, laughter, emotions… tears and so many things!
All so different, but so complementary. It’s a family, it’s so intense! The GTLC family!
They are great… And if the GTLC is so beautiful, it’s largely thanks to them!
Always adventure weekends where the memories are lasting. Magical moments both on a sporting and human level!!

We are thinking of Oli (absent in the group photo) in his repatriation vehicle. Even if he does not feel the atmosphere of the site, the adrenaline, the emotions, he meets each runner who has his story, wherever he comes from. He receives thanks and praise for the organization, the refreshments, the kindness of the volunteers and especially the fact that exhausted, injured, he puts the runners to safety and drives them home!
Ditto for Pierre, always everywhere, moreover, where was he at that time…? certainly filling a hole, tidying up, helping…
To you Chris, the source is well transmitted, your baby is in good hands. We continue to make it grow while respecting its values ​​and its DNA, with our ideas, our convictions, our novelties, our overflowing energies!
“There is no chance, there are only appointments”.

You are all exceptional, each at your level…
Thank you for having contributed to these absolutely brilliant and unforgettable moments of sharing.

In our own moments #NoyaudOR
Gilles Prion, Estelle Wesko, Jeroen De Corte, Christophe Libin, Danielle Froidmont, Laurent Dohogne, Olivier Royen, Pierre Evrard, Aline Lejeune & Louys Michael

Aline Lejeune

Administrateur ENJOY - Organisation, Coordination et Communication GTLC

Switch off your phone during the night if you don’t want her to remind you something!
Miss Detail herself. Nothing gets past her. She sees everything.
If she has nothing to do, she is not going to be ok!

  • I like: The Fraise Tagada
  • I dislike: The cranky people in the morning
  • Achievement: Make pancakes without burning the last one
  • Fan of: Chocolate’s mouse Côte d´Or
  • My jam: La Chouffe
  • Favorite curse word: Non di Dju (Bloody hell)
  • My motto: Don’t demand from others what you could not do yourself

Michael Louys

Administrateur ENJOY - Gestion des parcours d'ENJOY - Développement, Organisation et Coordination du GTLC

You always need an athlete in the gang, it’s more serious.
When he’s not pedaling, he’s running. When he’s not running, he’s swimming.
No more room to offer him a tattoo even if you loved these courses.

  • I like: Red Bull
  • I dislike: Wheel suckers
  • Achievement: Ma daughter
  • Fan of: My tattoo artist Dan Skin Studio
  • My jam: Pasta
  • Favorite curse word: Bordel de m… (For’s sake)
  • My motto: Pain is temporary, pride is forever

Michel Louys

Administrateur ENJOY - Tresorier - Administratif

Christophe Libin

Créateur, Ambassadeur et Conseiller GTLC - Responsable Dossards

Mister Zen who always finds a solution for everyone without dishonest compromise. He knows literally everything about the Trail.
Some people like him, others love him.
He will hear a pin drop just to assure that everyone is fine.

  • I like: Smell of the books
  • I dislike: Olives
  • Achievement: Montagne en Scène Benelux Film Festival
  • Fan of: Enzo, Australian Shepherd of Mimmi Kotka
  • My jam: Croziflette (mac and cheese variation winter meal)
  • Favorite curse word: Screw it…
  • My motto: One step at a time

Olivier et Laurent

Responsable Rapatriement / coordination signaleurs & PC course

Olivier (left) is not in the group photo, but in his repatriation vehicle. Even if he doesn’t feel the atmosphere of the site, the adrenalin, the emotions, he meets every runner who has a story to tell, wherever they come from. He receives thanks and praise for the organisation, the refreshment stands, the kindness of the volunteers and, above all, for the fact that, exhausted or injured, he takes the riders to safety and brings them back safely!

Laurent (on the right) is a jack of all trades, moving from race HQ to coordinating volunteers and partners, as well as markers and more! With a great sense of humour, his analysis is often very accurate, constantly calling things into question and always aiming for a positive improvement in the GTLC spirit.


Coordination site Ovifat

Ses mains et sa tête, ce sont de l’or…
Il coordonne tel qu’un vrai chef de chantier tout le site d’Ovifat.
Le montage et le démontage de tout, c’est LUI !


Sécurité et PC course

She puts her knowledge to good use for the GTLC and the safety of all the runners on the GTLC trails.
Her role: to take your call at race HQ, reassure the runner or determine what help he or she needs.


In fact, where was he at the time of the group photo? No, Pierre always has his wits about him… no doubt filling a hole, tidying up, helping out wherever he’s needed.
He’s a great help with all the logistics before and after the event.
He coordinates the car parks, but is also OFFICIAL for the Belgian championships that we hosted in May 2023.

Estelle et Lelia

Responsables RAVITOS

She’s responsible for calculating the number of refreshment points, transporting them and managing the teams of volunteers at the strategic refreshment points and base camps! Everything has been thought out and improved from one edition to the next… You won’t miss a thing!



The youngest of the bunch… Young and full of enthusiasm, Simon brings that great boundless energy.
A jack-of-all-trades, very clear-sighted and a hard worker, he represents the future – and that’s priceless!