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The volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart…

The GTLC is organizing its 11th edition which will take place on the pathways among lakes and castles from 29 to 30 May, 2021. The organizing site is located on the Ovifat ski slope.

At our last edition in 2019, the GTLC was able to bring together 900 runners from 9 different countries. We expect even more runners in 2021.

In 2021, Grand Trail des Lacs et des Châteaux (GTLC) organizes 6 different races:

  • GT160, the one and only Ultra Trail in Belgium, which is to be the 1st trail qualified as 6 ITRA-points in Belgium. This trail takes its place among the 68 most difficult trails in the world.
  • GT85, a truly demanding nature Ultra cross.
  •  GT42, a maratrail across beautiful sites.
  •  GT20², a legendary night duo.
  •  GT16, the little sister of the GTLC, allowing you to test and taste the world of trail.
  •  And the GT1 and GT2, a mini trail “like the grown-ups” for the children.

The primary commitment of the volunteers is to work on a total of 8 check and supply points. These points start to work on Friday evening and are to be closed on Sunday evening. During all these years, volunteers have dedicated their time and effort to help the proper functioning of the race by providing assistance to runners having a “mission” to reach the finish line.

Volunteers are the key players of the event, they get up early, they go to bed late, they mark up and unmark the paths, they welcome the participants, care for them, encourage them, motivate and push them to accomplish their challenge. Each year, all the runners come together in order to praise and thank them for their human warmth and the good-natured side that suits GTLC so well.

The volunteers helped Christophe Libin, the Founder of the GTLC, to live his dream. Without them, nothing would have been possible… We thank them deeply for the energy they spent every year!

What do you receive as a volunteer?

  • Participation in the creating of a positive image of yourself and of the GTLC;
  • Fun;
  • Being part of a positive event;
  • Volunteer kit (T-shirt, food, refreshment token); Each volunteer will receive equipment that they must wear during the race and that they can keep afterwards.
  • Possibility to create friendships;
  • See running from a different perspective (maybe this will appeal to you as well).

Vous êtes tous les bienvenus quel que soit votre âge et votre expérience antérieure dans des emplois similaires car ce type d’engagement ne nécessite pas de compétences particulières. Cette année, nous avons besoin de 100 bénévoles motivés, précieux, responsables et enjoués.

While preparing the course and afterwards

Recognition of the course, trail markings and unmarking.
Preparation and distribution of departure envelopes, dispatching personal bag supplies.
Setup and removal of the main site, installation of road signs, managing the parking lot.
Setup and removal of various supply and refreshment points.
Logistics and distribution of food.

During the race

Management of the registration team, cash management, disputes.
Undertaking of the refreshment and checkpoints.
Registration, distribution of GPS trackers, collection of personal bags, security around the site, management of calls from runners and dispatching according to the urgency of the calls, repatriation of abandoned members.
Management of time barriers.

The total preparation lasts 5 to 10 days in May.

In exchange for volunteering, and in relation to the hours worked, each member of the event team receives a nominative credit that can be exchanged for:

  • The cost of entry to any other event organized by Enjoy Sport. This credit expires after two years and cannot be transferred to a third party.
  • A purchase in the Fan Boutique
  • A voluntary meal
  • Credit convertible into euros if belonging to a club or an association

Anyone who volunteers will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Main meals such as breakfast, hot meal during the day or in the evening (team members should provide their own additional snacks if necessary).
    • Main meals such as breakfast, hot meal during the day or in the evening (team members should provide their own additional snacks if necessary).
    • If your vehicle is used during the event at our request, the related additional travel costs will be reimbursed.
    • Remuneration for position managers

Are you convinced? Do you want to join the GTLC adventure?