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GT160 - Unique in Belgium ! 100 Miles !

A great track in a small country !

After 3 editions, the GT160 gets a makeover and returns in 2026!
One of the most beautiful races in Belgium, covering 100 miles and crossing several communes, passing through the land of lakes and castles, sublimated by forests aptly named Ardenne Bleue. A race that is the ultimate test of endurance and physical capacity.

The GT160 was selected as a qualifying race for the Western States 100 lottery and also gained an UTMB 100M index, the only one in Belgium!

We intend to keep these precious values and come back with an even better route! It is and will remain the most prestigious and most difficult ultra in Belgium. A sporting and human adventure on a grand scale.

See you on 16 May 2026! Mark your calendars and get ready!

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Informations pratiques

  • Départ : May 2026 - 04:00
  • Nombres de participants : 200
  • Lieu : Piste de ski Ovifat
  • Distance : 160 km
  • Dénivelé : 6000
  • Ravitaillement : 8
Prix : - €

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Barrières Horaires

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Dénivelé de la course

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Sac destiné au portage de l’équipement obligatoire pendant la course Obligatory
Téléphone Obligatory
Gobelet de 15 cl minimum Obligatory
Supplément de 1 litre d’eau minimum Obligatory
Lampe frontale Obligatory
Batterie supplémentaire pour lampe frontale Obligatory
Couverture de survie 1,40 x 2,0 m minimum Obligatory
Reserve alimentaire suffisante pour autonomie adaptée au parcours Obligatory
Veste de pluie Obligatory
Tenue vestimentaire adaptée aux conditions météo (soleil, pluie, froid, neige) Obligatory
Carte d’identité ou passeport Obligatory

Le tracé de la course

  • Point de vue
  • Ravito
  • Fanzone
  • Départ/Arrivée